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WATCH: American Experience on PBS

“THE VOTE” premieres across two evenings.
Women fight for the vote.
Monday, July 6 at 8pm on TPT2, WPT
Tuesday, July 7 at 8pm on TPT2, WPT


National Disability Voter Registration Week: July 13-17, 2020

National Voter Registration Day: September 22, 2020

Message to Area Voters

The Covid-19 Crisis has thrown us into a life-threatening situation. We must be diligent if we truly care for the people around us and for our own health. That said, the League of Women Voters continues to work towards our mission goals and will follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Read a blog written by Sarah Courtney titled “Voting in a Time of Coronavirius.”



August 11    Fall Primary Election

November 3  Fall Election


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