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Elections need to be fully funded. The proposed constitutional amendment on the April 2nd ballot puts our elections at risk.

Join us on to learn about the constitutional amendment questions that will be on your ballot on April 2 and why you should VOTE NO.

Speakers will discuss the constitutional amendments in Wisconsin and what we can expect next.

Use this link to find out more about why to vote ‘NO’ and to register:

PFAS: The Everyday, Everywhere Toxin

The statewide Natural Resources Committee has been planning a series of two PFAS-centered webinars, to go along with the ongoing conversations in WI about the issue of PFAS pollution.

Signup and marketing for the first one–a month away on March 12th–is ready! We would love for local Leagues to share this in their networks, and to feel free to add this to their League calendars. I’ve included the signup page link below, as well as the content put into the page for Leagues that want to add the event to their pages. Let me know if you need anything else!

PFAS: The Everyday, Everywhere Toxin
March 12th, 6:30-8:00 pm

LWVWI webpage for the first webinar:

Registration link:


News about PFAS is infiltrating our lives and – appropriately for “forever chemicals” – isn’t going away. Contamination from per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, known as PFAS, has been found in sites all over Wisconsin, stemming from any number of the many ways these substances are used.

To arm yourself for the fight to clean our waters and protect the health of Wisconsinites, the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin invites you to join us in the first of two virtual webinars that delve into how PFAS get into our bodies, how to protect ourselves, and what is happening at the state and federal level to mitigate this issue.


The origins of PFAS
Where it’s found in Wisconsin
How it enters our bodies and those most at risk
Health effects
Current requirements that affect WI
Personal protection measures
And more

Learn more about Final Five Voting!

Final Five Voting is one of the initiatives that our League sponsors. To find out more about FFV–read the most current article: “How a new way to vote is gaining traction in states — and could transform US politics



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In 2022, we made our voices heard at the polls — and democracy won.

Leagues and their supporters empowered voters every step of the way by:

  • Registering them to vote;
  • Defending them against anti-voter legislation;
  • Providing them with essential election information;and more.

Read the Report

Our 2022 Election Impact Report demonstrates our power to build a stronger, more representative democracy.


The Politics Industry by Katherine M. Gehl & Michael E. Porter was selected for the LWV-SCV winter book study.

The book addresses the need for political innovation and outlines just what Final Five Voting is and how it could represent a solution to our broken system.

The book study culminated in a presentation to our League Chapter by Sara Eskrich, Executive Director of Democracy Found.

Webinar recording of Sara’s talk
Passcode: ?5zwL2AM