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In 2022, we made our voices heard at the polls — and democracy won.

Leagues and their supporters empowered voters every step of the way by:

  • Registering them to vote;
  • Defending them against anti-voter legislation;
  • Providing them with essential election information;and more.

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Our 2022 Election Impact Report demonstrates our power to build a stronger, more representative democracy.


The Politics Industry by Katherine M. Gehl & Michael E. Porter was selected for the LWV-SCV winter book study.

The book addresses the need for political innovation and outlines just what Final Five Voting is and how it could represent a solution to our broken system.

The book study culminated in a presentation to our League Chapter by Sara Eskrich, Executive Director of Democracy Found.

Webinar recording of Sara’s talk
Passcode: ?5zwL2AM