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July 22, 2020

Local League of Women Voters Receive Grant

ST. CROIX VALLEY – The League of Women Voters of Upper St. Croix Valley (LWVUSCV) recently received an Operation Round Up Grant from the Polk-Burnett Electric Cooperative for $1000.00. The money will be spent on materials and activities to help citizens become informed and registered voters for the fall election.

“We are in the process of exploring appropriate avenues to host candidate and informational forums in this time of Covid-19 and the grant will allow us to provide the best services we can,” said League Chair, Carolyn Saunders. The LWVUSCV has hosted local candidate forums and meet & greet events over the past four years. The November election includes voting for a U.S. Congressional seat, state senate and assembly positions, a host of local officials, as well as the U.S. President.

Operation Round Up is funded by members of the Polk-Burnett Electric Cooperative adding money to their monthly electric bills, rounding up to an even dollar amount. “This is our second grant from the electric provider and we are most appreciative to the generous members of the cooperative. They have helped us register many voters in Burnett, Polk, and St. Croix counties,” Carolyn said. Voter registration materials are distributed to area libraries throughout the 3-county area.

The League of Women Voters of Upper St. Croix Valley is a nonpartisan, grassroots civic organization that encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. Membership in the League is open to people 16 years and older, of all gender identities. With 100 years of experience, the League is one of America’s oldest and most trusted civic nonprofit organizations.


July 14, 2020

Honk if You Vote! 

The League of Women Voters are celebrating 100 years of advocacy for voters and to bring home their message.  League members of the Upper St Croix Valley took to the streets on June 10th and July 2 & 3 in New Richmond, Osceola and Frederic, encouraging citizens to VOTE! We are planning future rallies in Grantsburg, Siren, and Webster.

Standing on street corners and waving signs is fun, but what the League has always been about is to encourage voter registration and to raise awareness for upcoming elections. The League also “seeks to improve government and impact public policies through education and advocacy.” To accomplish this goal, the League offers workshops on the voter registration process  and provides voters with non-partisan voter information. The League of Women Voters of the Upper St. Croix Valley serves Burnett, Polk and St. Croix Counties.

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July 13, 2020

League of Women Voters of Wisconsin Files Brief to Protect Registered Voters from Polling List Purge

[MADISON, Wisconsin] – On Monday, July 13, the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin (LWVWI) filed an amicus curiae brief in the Wisconsin Supreme Court to protect voters from being erroneously removed from polling lists of registered voters.

“Attempts to utilize data that is known to be flawed are attempts to suppress votes, plain and simple,” said Debra Cronmiller, LWVWI executive director. “The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin will continue to protect voters by ensuring those who are validly registered are not inappropriately removed from the polling book.”

The brief is part of the Zignego case from 2019 in which petitioners attempted to force some 230,000 voters from the rolls based on information provided by the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) movers list. Due to flaws in the data provided to ERIC by the State, the LWVWI argues thousands of voters have been erroneously identified as having potentially moved. The LWVWI asserts the information from the ERIC movers list is not reliable within the meaning of the law and cannot be used as a basis for cancelling a voter’s registration.

In the brief, LWVWI asks the court to uphold a lower court’s decision to stay the order for the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) to refrain from purging voters from the polling lists of registered voters based on information provided by the ERIC movers list.

In October 2019, the WEC mailed out letters to 232,579 registered Wisconsin voters on the 2019-2020 ERIC list. As of May 20, 2020, 4,709 voters on that list have confirmed that they have not moved to a new address. The November election may identify countless more voters that have been erroneously identified as having moved.

The filed brief can be found here.

For more information, please contact Debra Cronmiller, LWVWI executive director.


The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin is a grassroots, nonpartisan political organization that advocates for informed and active participation in government. There are 20 local Leagues in Wisconsin. More information at

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June 29, 2020

LWV of Wisconsin Files Amended Complaint Asking for Safe, Reliable Absentee Ballot Process in November

MADISON— Today, the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin filed an amended complaint ahead of the November election. This federal lawsuit seeks back-up options for mail-in absentee voters who do not receive their ballot in the mail, as well as suspension of the witness signature requirement for mail-in absentee ballots. The existing law suit Gear v. Bostelmann, in which the League challenged the state’s signature witness requirement ahead of the April 7 election, has been expanded to take on the widespread failure to deliver absentee ballots to voters. 

“The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin gathered testimonials from over 700 voters who experienced issues casting a ballot in the April 7 election—these are only a subset of the thousands who were disenfranchised,” said Debra Cronmiller, executive director of the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin. “We cannot allow a disaster like our April primary to happen again. We must protect Wisconsin voters in our upcoming elections and restore their faith in our electoral system. Our democracy depends on it.” 

This lawsuit comes after Wisconsin’s notorious April 7 primary, in which many voters reported not receiving their ballot in time for the election or even at all. Ahead of the November general election, plaintiffs are seeking additional ways for voters to be able to receive their mail-in absentee ballot, including online access at and email delivery.  Voters would still return these ballots through the mail or drop them off. Finally, the plaintiffs ask that the Court order relief to voters struggling to safely comply with the state’s witness signature requirement for mail-in absentee ballots.  

“We all watched in dismay as Wisconsin voters were forced to break stay-at-home guidelines in order to cast their ballot in April,” said Dr. Deborah Ann Turner, president of the board of directors of the League of Women Voters of the United States. “It is inhumane when voters must put their health in jeopardy to exercise their constitutional right to vote. The League of Women Voters will always stand up to defend voters’ rights to safe access to the ballot box.”  

The League of Women Voters is joined in this case by Wisconsin voters Katherine Kohlbeck, Diane Ferbot, Gary Fergot, Bonibet Bahr Olsan, Shelia Jozwik, Gregg Jozwik, Sylvia Gear, and Claire Whelan, as well as Wisconsin Alliance of Retired Americans, and represented by Federal Elections Center and Rathje Woodward LLC.  

“Today this case evolves to take on the widespread absentee ballot delivery failures seen in Wisconsin and around the country, as the Covid-19 pandemic rages on,” said Jon Sherman, Senior Counsel at Fair Elections Center. “Voters should never lose their right to vote because a ballot fails to arrive in the mail. Wisconsin election officials already electronically transmit ballots to voters in a variety of ways; these fail-safe options need to be made available to all voters who do not receive their ballot in the mail.”  

A copy of the complaint can be found here.  

CONTACT: Sarah Courtney | 202-263-1332 |

June 2020

League of Women Voters of Wisconsin Publishes Online Voter Guide Ahead of Partisan Primary Election

[MADISON, Wisconsin] – To provide Wisconsin voters with essential information about the upcoming Partisan Primary on August 11, the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin (LWVWI) has published our fall voter guide on VOTE411.

VOTE411 is a “one-stop-shop” for nonpartisan election information, equipping voters with easy tools to navigate the voting process. The resource provides candidate information for state and local offices, and other helpful election information, including how to request an absentee ballot. With limited opportunities to learn about the candidates in person, online voter guides like LWVWI’s are especially important for voters making their plans to vote during the pandemic.

“Wisconsin voters need convenient and accessible tools to make confident decisions about the candidates running to represent them in elected offices,” said Eileen Newcomer, voter education manager at the LWVWI. “Our voter guide on VOTE411 is a nonpartisan resource to help all voters get prepared for the Fall Primary.”

The Partisan Primary will be held on August 11, 2020. On the ballot are candidates for the United States House of Representatives, the Wisconsin State Senate and Assembly and other local races. More information for local races can be found at our website.

LWVWI sent questionnaires to all the candidates whose names will appear on the August ballot. Each candidate’s responses are posted verbatim in the candidate’s own words. Candidates who did not respond will be disclosed as “No candidate response” in the voter guide, and we will link to available websites and social media accounts of these candidates, allowing voters to access important candidate information using VOTE411.

The information available on VOTE411 helps thousands of Wisconsin voters each year – many young and first-time voters – learn about candidate qualifications and positions, and how to access the ballot.

“We encourage voters to visit VOTE411 and make a voting plan so they are prepared to cast their vote confidently whether they choose to vote absentee prior to the election or in-person on election day,” Newcomer said.

Wisconsin voters can access information about the upcoming election at

The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin is a grassroots, nonpartisan political organization that advocates for informed and active participation in government. There are 20 local Leagues in Wisconsin. More information at


For more information, please contact Morgan Grunow, Communications Manager (, 608-256-0827).

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