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Member Volunteer Opportunities!

The Communication & Media Committee is looking for members who would like to write, research, and/or report on various committee actions, League events, and learning opportunities. Looking forward we hope to expand our
presence in various media outlets. The spring 2023 election is extremely important, so we are looking for energetic volunteers to promote education and information to the public.

  • Do you have writing skills, speaking skills or graphic design skills, etc?
  • Not sure, but you’re interested in helping?

We can use your enthusiasm!

Interested? Contact Kris Surbaugh @ aksurbaugh@gmail.com

Find your place in the League!

Voter Services Co-chairs: Patty Van Nevel and
Rita Kearns

Member Services Co-chairs:Marla Olson and
Nanette Del Monaco

Program Committee Chair: Vicki Harmon

Communication & Media Committee Chair: Kris Surbaugh

Budget Committee Chair: ​Nancy Stewart

Nominating Committee Chair: Beth Wood

Send us an email: contact@lwvstcroixvalley.org

News and Alerts Sign-up

Did you know you can sign-up for news and alerts about government actions in Wisconsin? The League of Women Voters will keep you updated on issues, legislation, and policies that affect Wisconsin voters.